Alexander S. Rakutov
General director of Clearway Integration:
“Since 2010 Clearway Integration company has been providing IT services making business of our customers more efficient and safe and ultimately more profitable due to costs and risks reduction. The policy of the company is overall satisfaction of customer’s requirements. We thoroughly research customers’ problems and expectations, and experience and knowledge of our experts allow finding the most relevant complex, optimal and efficient solution for each case. We are transparent in pricing and our contracts are clear and evident.”

Education, certificates and achievements:
• Higher education in the field of Crisis Management.
• More than 7 years of working at senior leadership positions.

CW21Yuri A. Zaporozhsky
Director of Innovation and Development

“To complete our mission successfully we pay careful attention to development of deep all-round technological expertise, building of partner network and to continuous innovations. In this regard, we constantly keep our partner ecosystem up-to-date in accordance with the following principle: it should contain only partners whose technologies and expertise allow achieving your goals with optimal quality-costs-time ratio. At the same time, at every moment we continue searching for new technologies and approaches which allow solving your tasks on a fundamentally new level.”

Some important projects implemented during professional life:
• Creating an internet-site of XXII Winter Olympic Games for National Olympic Committee (NOC).
• Migration and consolidation of the federal corporate portal of Megafon (PJSC).
• Implementing and supporting the System of secure access to corporate resources based on Citrix technologies for Vympelcom PJSC.
• Implementing the workplace virtualization system for Otkrytie KhMB PJSC.
• Building server virtualization platform based on Microsoft technologies for RosMorPort FSUE.

Education, certificates and achievements:
• Higher education: diploma with honors of Cherepovets Military Engineering Institute of Radio Electronics; diploma with honors of Bauman MSTU.
• More than 15 years of work within area of system integration.


Konstantin M. Leontiev
Lead infrastructure architect, Managing Partner:
“The main competitive advantage of our business is capability of our team and every our employee to sense and predict the behavior of the market and current and future Customers. This particular skill allows our company to be successful and to grow fast.”

Some important projects implemented during professional life:
• Flagship participation in establishing Clearway Integration company providing professional IT services.
• The first in Russia implementation of virtualization system based on Windows Server 2012 R2 at Baikalsky Bank of Sberbank of Russia.
• Developing and upgrading infrastructure of RosBank, its integration with systems of Societe General.
• Upgrading and migrating business systems and applications of VTB bank.
• Upgrading IT infrastructure of SKB-Bank.
• Optimization and costs reduction of AD infrastructure at TNK-BP.
• Creating new IT infrastructure of OGK-4 and OGK-5 and migrating existing resources into it.
• Architecture optimization and working out of Active Directory maintenance procedures at Lukoil.
• Designing and deploying Active Directory at Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel Works (MMK Group).
• Designing and deploying unified Microsoft Active Directory at Federal Tax Service of Russia.

Education, certificates and achievements:
• Higher education, diploma with honors of Moscow State University;
•  Microsoft Enterprise Academy;
• Microsoft Certified Master (Advanced Infrastructure, Directory Services);
• Articles in specialized journals;
• Participating as a speaker at Microsoft Platform and TechEd conferences:


Dmitry A. Butnikov
Chief technology officer of Clearway Integration:
“Our company is proud of the employees and provides them with all facilities for their continuous professional development. This enables our employees to be the first who gets the most relevant and up-to-date information and efficiently apply it when working with projects. When selecting technical specialists we make high demands to their ability to develop and to achieve extraordinary level of technical skills.”

Some important projects implemented during professional life:
• Participation in establishing Clearway Integration company providing professional IT services.
• Designing, deploying and migrating Active Directory at the House of the Government of Moscow Region, OJSC “Gazprom Neft”, Dalnevostochny and Sibirsky Banks of Sberbank of Russia, URALCHEM Holding P.L.C.
• Designing and implementing identity management system at Uralsky Bank of Sberbank of Russia, M-Video and Leroy Merlin.
• Upgrading and migrating business systems and applications of VTB Bank.
• Upgrading IT infrastructure of SKB-Bank.
• Creating new IT infrastructure of OGK-4 and OGK-5 and migrating existing resources into it.

Education, certificates and achievements:
• Higher education, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA), Department of computers, complexes, systems and networks.
• Two annual awards “Microsoft Great People, Great Performance” for projects realized within the scope of Microsoft Consulting Services.
• Participating as a speaker at Microsoft TechDays conference:


Vsevolod Y. Dmitriev
Lead architect of Clearway Integration:
“Operational excellence of the employees, not being afraid of difficulties, well-coordinated team work and orientation to final result are items to which we pay special attention. Whatever complexity of a project and tight schedule, you can always rely on us.”

Some important projects implemented during professional life:
• Upgrading mail infrastructure at Severo-Zapadny Bank of Sberbank of Russia;
• Creating new infrastructure at the Government of Republic of Tatarstan;
• Creating new IT infrastructure of OGK-4;
• Implementing Lync at Lukoil;
• Upgrading mail infrastructure and implementing Lync at Moscow Government;
• Architectural designing infrastructure services at Lukoil Overseas;
• Architectural designing infrastructure services at Russian Railways.

Education, achievements and certificates:
• Microsoft Certified Professional;
• Microsoft Systems Engineer: Messaging;
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist;
• Exchange Risk Assessment Program (ExRAP) Accredited Engineer;
• Microsoft Enterprise Architect Academy.