E.On Russia

In 2005 OGK-4 was established on the basis of five power plants, in was composed of power plants with capacity of 8,630 MW: Surgutskaya GRES-2, Berezovskaya GRES, Shaturskaya GRES, Smolenskaya GRES and Yaivinskaya GRES.

In 2007 the majority interest of OGK-4 was acquired by the international E.ON Group, which has its business in more than 30 countries in the world. The main activity of the Group is generation and supply of electric power, gas production and transportation. E.ON Group and Russia are interconnected by more than 38 years of partnership. E.ON is a shareholder of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, it also has a share in the South Russian oil and gas field. Today E.ON is the largest foreign investor in the Russian electric power industry.

As from the moment of state registration (March 4, 2005 ) the Company was called Fourth Generation Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market Open Joint Stock Company (OGK-4). In July of 2011 OGK-4 was renamed into E.ON Russia JSC . The name change underlined the idea of E.ON Russia and its branches belonging to E.ON Group and manifests the long-term nature of its plans in the Russian electric power industry.

E.ON Russia is an entity acting in the wholesale electricity market; it generates and trades electric and heat power and supplies heat.

In 2007 international E.ON Group (hereinafter - E.ON) acquired 69.34% of the company authorized capital, subsequently its share amounted to 83.73%. E.ON is one of the largest private power and gas groups in the world. At present in the result of the investment program implementation related to construction of new capacities and the modernization program the total installed capacity of E.ON Russia JSC amounts to 10,345 MW. In 2010-2011 the Company put into operation 4 new CCGT power units with capacity of 1,600 MW at Shaturskaya GRES, Surgutskaya GRES-2 and Yaivinskaya GRES, as well as increased capacity of Berezovskaya GRES by 100 MW due to the equipment modernization.

Production and financial indicators of the company show sustainable growth. Electric power generation increased by 2.8% and amounted to 64.2 bln kWh in 2012.

The Company revenue reached 76.7 bln roubles, which is by 13.9% more than last year. EBITDA increased by 26.8% — up to 28.2 billion roubles, net profit — by 22.2% up to 18.4 billion roubles.

Shares of E.ON Russia are traded at stock exchange platforms of Closed joint-stock company «MICEX Stock Exchange».